What to Wear to Your Photo Shoot …


This is just about the first question I’m asked for every photo shoot. Here are a few things for you to consider as you prepare for this fun day.


♥  Coordinate Your Outfits

You don’t have to match perfectly, but you do want what each is wearing to coordinate with the others. In the end you’d want each piece worn to have to ability to be one outfit!

♥ Patterns and Textures

One or two patterns and many textures help to make the photo pop off the page. Consider corduroy, lace, levi’s etc. to add some texture and interest to your photos. If one is wearing a pattern be sure any other patterns coordinate (Not lots of plaids and polka dots please! : ).

♥ Colors

Wear colors that you’re definitely comfortable in, but then again we’re likely talking about more than just one person in the photo shoot. If you’re the one who’s most particular about the color they’re in, then choose what you like and coordinate everyone else around you. You might also want to consider the colors in your home and have your clothing colors coordinate with the home colors.

♥  Be You!

These images are for you and you want them to capture you! The last thing you want is for your little girl who loves levi’s and dirt to be dressed up in lace and tulle … she’s likely to be squirming and probably not smiling in the photos!

♥ Consider the Season and Location

If we’ll be shooting at the beach, for women and girls a casual flowing dress or some capri’s could be appropriate. Sandals, shorts, a straw hat. For a rainy day shoot, rain boots, an umbrella, etc. …. you get the picture. Have fun with it!

♥ Layer Upon Layer

I like layers for photos … bring along an extra sweater, scarf or hat … maybe a sweatshirt or vest. We can add to or take away from the wardrobe and change up the look of the photos in an instant.

♥ Natural But With Color

Keeping your make up natural, but with splashes of soft color will add to your photos. We want you to be you, but sometimes too much color on just one individual can totally take away from the rest of the photo.

I hope these ideas have helped and not confused you! Remember … the idea is that we want you to love these photos … so be you and be comfortable!

♥ Carolyn