Just a few ideas to get you started on where you might want your photos taken ...


  • An open field
  • At the beach
  • In a forest
  • Near some city type buildings
  • Near an old shed or older buildings
  • By old vehicles
  • In an alleyway
  • At the park downtown
  • At your home
  • In your backyard
  • At a creek
  • In a park
  • Under a bridge
  • On some stairs
  • Near/under some tall trees

Go through some of my galleries to see samples of some of these ideas.

Some specific ideas ... 

  • Creston - open fields, rolling hills, trees, fenceline, old cars and broken down buildings
  • Atascadero - City Hall, Sunken Gardens, the railroad tracks, the iron bridge at the north end of town, Lewis Avenue Bridge, Lake Park
  • Paso Robles - City Park, the alleyways, on the downtown streets, near the riverbed
  • San Luis Obispo - At the creek, the mission, on the downtown streets
  • San Miguel - the mission, old buildings
  • Avila - by the pier, on the beach, by the buildings
  • Cayucos - the pier, the rocks on the beach, downtown building
  • Morro Bay - by the Rock, on the beach, downtown buildings, near the marina
  • Cambria - on the beach, stairs on the beach, downtown buildings
  • Los Osos - Elfin Forest



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